Twenty Twenty

Here we are, in the month dedicated to giving thanks, in a year determined to shake the whole world. How do we straddle both? It’s an honest question. Would you ponder it with me? Then let’s mount the back of … Continue reading

Compassion Fatigue

Empty-handed I come to these healing waters. It’s been a long, strenuous journey. At first, familiar adrenaline energized my gait and disguised the exhaustion, but gradually, the pace began to sag till I arrived here in a slump. Like oil … Continue reading

The Exclusion Monster

On her childhood playground she watches the other children play. An impenetrable wall separates her from them, but she doesn’t know why. In her eyes they are one huddled organism, an exoskeleton with its armored back against her. On the … Continue reading

The Ancient Path

I exercise just enough to satisfy my doctor at my yearly visits. But when I do, I prefer a ballet barre, because I’ve always loved a good plié. When I focus on leaning into it with the right technique, something … Continue reading