A Prayer for Your Year

A week ago, we greeted everyone from our dearest to strangers, “Happy New Year!” Sometimes sincerely intended as a blessing for their year, other times more in the thoughtless vernacular of “How are you?” that doesn’t expect a real reply. … Continue reading

When Your Soul Feels Squeezed

Pain pours though her eyes. From the well of countless disappointments, where confusion and dying dreams decay, words, like polluted fish, escape towards the light. Hoping to be caught, to be understood. Hoping that if someone would understand what it’s … Continue reading

Closer Than You Know

Predictions have swirled for years. Distant hooves galloping towards us with warnings, almost too surreal to be believed. Though mocked as “sensationalists” and “extremists,” the watchmen nonetheless can’t un-see the approaching dust clouds. Early in his nightmarish Night, Eli Wiesel … Continue reading

Carry My Soul

That dread of looking into a calendar so overflowing that the obligations are scribbled all over each other. That thousand-tons awareness pressing down that it can’t all be done, at least not well. That churning nausea that some of these … Continue reading

You Are More Loved a Than You Know

Take a deep breath. Inhale that notion. And notice the voices that almost immediately rise to contradict the sacred truth that you are His Beloved. – Maybe if I was funnier, she’d want me closer as her friend. – Maybe … Continue reading

When You Face New Season

You’ve anticipated this day. As your season wanes, ebbing into the uncharted change which lies ahead, the shoreline gives way to the first hints of ocean. You’ve become increasingly aware of both the loss of the known and the openness … Continue reading