Closer Than You Know

Predictions have swirled for years. Distant hooves galloping towards us with warnings, almost too surreal to be believed. Though mocked as “sensationalists” and “extremists,” the watchmen nonetheless can’t un-see the approaching dust clouds. Early in his nightmarish Night, Eli Wiesel … Continue reading

Let’s Rise

The final storm is approaching; Hellish stressors, diseases, and lies. The dreams we held as human rights, Torn from us, pulverized. So we contemplate escape routes, Dull our souls with lullabies Overwhelmed and under-nourished, Fatigued and near-compromised. Do we think … Continue reading

Perspective on 2014

If 2014 treated you harshly, you are not alone. So many solid, sincere souls echo the shared lamentation: This year was rough! Not just “I’m exhausted/disappointed/stressed out” rough – no, this was the kind of wicked, whipping torment more akin … Continue reading