The weight of Decision

No platitudes satisfy after a storm

No Hallmark cards for devastation

No words truly hold a heart freshly torn

It all feels like empty placation

But there is the presence of someone we love

Hope and healing flow from their touch

Their faith brings relief from the olive branch Dove

Through them darkness begins to be crushed

And there is a safe Presence closer still

Another’s breath in my lungs when alone

His voice is the only thing that is real

Speaking health into broken bones.

His is the kindness in every good friend

His the generous touch of compassion

In Him, no soul is too shattered to mend

In Him, tenderness is not rationed.

No words can give you the substance of this

But they can lead you towards Him

Yours is the choice to receive His kiss

When faith seems like a risky whim.

No platitudes satisfy after a storm

But there is the weight of decision

Comfort is aching for those who mourn

To welcome His healing provision.


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